Congratulations to our ‘Tough Mudder’ Mel

Tough Mudder Mel

We’re proud to say Mel, our artistic director, has completed one of the toughest physical challenges in the UK – and all in a good cause.
Mel, along with her team-mates, took on the Tough Mudder course at Cirencester Park in Gloucestershire at the weekend. For those who’ve never heard of it, Tough Mudder events feature more than 10 miles of mud, obstacles and gruelling challenges.
Designed to be like the training the British military puts recruits through, they test people to their limits but Mel proved what a ‘Tough Mudder’ she is by completing the course. Well done!

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Mel was raising money for the Behcets Syndrome Society. Mel herself suffers from Behcets, a rare chronic rheumatic illness which sees the body’s immune system overreacting leading to inlflammation.
As well as sponsorship from Hobbs, Ricky Chandler and Sports Traders Alliance Group, donations from friends and family have so far raised £355 as Mel tries to hit her target.
Mel, who had a great time despite the weeks of training, aching limbs and – of course- the mud, said: “We did it, so proud of the team! It was a tough event and for me and the Behcets charity this means so much. Please donate if you haven’t so far as we pushed ourselves so hard!”
To donate visit Mel’s JustGiving page at

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