Choc Stock & Caramel


We have a great day planned at the salon on December 17th as one of our regular clients, Linda Willmore, makes chocolates and she’ll be coming in and setting up downstairs, giving out samples. You can stock up on amazing, hand-made sweet treats as gifts too.

Linda will be bringing along a range of chocolates; from salted caramel, dark and plain to her own caramel and white raspberry chocolate, as well as her own homemade blackcurrant and raspberry puree and fresh ganache. Everything she makes has no preservatives and comes from produce grown her own allotment… we can’t wait to try it.

As well as fantastic chocolates, there’ll also be mulled wine to sup on and get in the festive spirit… There are a few spaces left, so if you’re looking to get a new cut before Christmas and you’d also like to sample Linda’s delicious artisan chocolate then give us a call.